Bed of Roses

Bed of Roses


This 15x12 mixed media piece is a must see to appreciate! Due to the highly reflective surface of art resin epoxy, it is very hard to photograph (even for a photographer) so that it shows it's full beauty of this complex piece.

Bed of Roses is painted on Yupo paper and mounted to a wood panel.  It is painted with alcohol ink and several layers of art resin epoxy are applied over the artwork. This process preserves the vibrant colors of the alcohol inks, which means no fading due to UV lighting. Art Resin is a non-yellowing formula as well. The floating frame is hand painted in matte black paint.

Cleaning is simple and easy! Use a clean, soft dry cloth to wipe the surface or glass cleaner can be sprayed on a cloth and the piece can be wiped clean. Use a soft, dry cloth to ensure it doesn't streak as it dries.


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