Zuli & Kaia, Elephant Besties

Zuli & Kaia, Elephant Besties



Height: 12 Inches; Width: 16 Inches; Depth: 2.5 Inches


This uniquely gorgeous, mixed media baby elephant piece is a must have for the elephant lover in your life. It would make a wonderful baby shower gift or as decoration for your own nursery/child's room. Zuli & Kaia of the San Diego Zoo Safari Park are the inspiration for this intricate piece. The elephants were sketched off an image I took, onto watercolor paper. They were painted with watercolors and sealed. They were then cut out from their background. Various handmade papers were attached to a wood panel and the elephants were placed over the papers.

Non-yellowing, epoxy resin mixed with resin glitter was poured over the top to protect the piece from UV fading and to make the piece shine and shimmer, especially when light hits it. This piece has so much dimension, as a total of three layers of resin were applied. The floating frame was hand painted using a "halo" blue/green gold (color shift paint) and several coats of high gloss varnish were applied to protect the finish. Due to the reflective nature of epoxy resin, it is hard to photograph this piece to do it justice, so please view the video!

  • This piece is easily cleaned using a clean dry cloth on artwork as well as frame. You may also use glass cleaner and a clean soft towel to clean the artwork, as well.

  • Returns (in undamaged, original condition) are available within 5 days of delivery. Made to order or personalized items cannot be returned or exchanged.